Project Management Service

The aim of our Project Management Service is to provide clients with a resource that allows for a smooth experience, making the redesign of a property enjoyable and hassle-free.

This service removes the client’s everyday responsibilities of renovation and refurbishment by allowing Arna Interiors to oversee all workings from beginning to end.

Working closely with our client, and acting on his/her behalf, we implement and supervise all renovation/redecorating requirements, no matter how big or small.

Arna Interiors works collectively alongside consummate professionals; architects, interior designers and project managers, feeding back ideas and information to our client. Once a client has approved the design work, our expert advisers negotiate the best deals on quotes from external contractors. This way, we can ensure that the highest quality is delivered at the best price. We proceed with the interior work as soon as a client has communicated his/her satisfaction.

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